Custom iPad Smart Cover FAQ – Black Leather

iPad Smart Covers are decorated in-house using our laser engraving machine. In this process the laser melts or removes the top surface of material. It is not printing and no color is added. There is usually some variation in the color and appearance of each cover. If you need to order a large number of covers that all look identical then this is not the decoration process to use.  Debossed and printed iPad cases may be a better choice for your needs.

The current black leather Smart Cover for iPad  that Apple sells laser etches to a color that is lighter than the original color of the black leather.  There is often some variation in the color of the etching due to the fact that this is genuine leather and due to other manufacturing changes that are out of our control.  Most often the etching on a black leather cover is a medium beige, but sometimes it is a darker brown that is more subtle in contrast.  Variation occurs at random and we do not have a way to test the outcome before engraving each cover.

Artwork on leather smart covers can be almost any kind of graphic as long as the resolution is high enough.  Logos with shading come out quite well, as do high contrast photos and illustrations.  Some detail may be lost due to the texture of the leather and the fact that we cannot engrave very deeply on these thin covers.

Laser engraving leather leaves behind an ash residue.  We clean each cover following engraving, but there may still be traces of this residue left behind.  Apple has also noted that “the leather Smart Cover is crafted from high-quality, naturally treated material that gets its color from a rich aniline dye. Some color may rub off during use.”

If you are placing a large order we very strongly recommend doing one cover as a sample, receiving it in person, and adjusting your artwork as needed. This process generally takes about two weeks, but quick turnaround orders are possible by taking advantage of our rush service options.  We do not recommend ordering a large number of covers without an in-person proof. Returns or refunds are not possible for custom items.

Be sure to also read our Smart Cover F.A.Q. below.

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