FAA approves iPads for Pilots in the Cockpit

Many airlines are switching their pilots to e-manuals stored on iPads and shaving quite a few pounds off the weight of their planes.  From a NY Times Article:

American Airlines won F.A.A. approval last month for its pilots to use the iPad to read aeronautical charts. American received authorization last year to use the device instead of paper reference manuals. Executive Jet Management, a NetJets company owned by Berkshire Hathaway, received the F.A.A.’s permission in February for its pilots to read aeronautical charts on iPads.

Some airlines have gone so far to rigourously test the iPad to see if they cause interference with cockpit controls.  Some even subjected their iPads to rapid decompression at a simulated altitude of 51,000 feet.   More than 250 aviation apps are available for the iPad and it’s acceptance rate among pilots is very high.

To the airlines, large and small, why not engrave your iPads to promote branding and decrease theft?

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